You have an idea and you need someone to realize it? SIMAC has already introduced a variety of its own electrical products onto the market. We join you through the whole process in the beginning with the idea, the development, the production until the finished product. Our development team helps you with pleasure: contact

On the German or rather the European market is a variety of provisions and acts which are very difficult to overlook like the Product Safety Act, the CE marking, the act of electronic waste or the directive RoHS. Our company deals with these requirements everyday. Our qualified CE coordinators verify products and adjust these to the German provisions.

This includes for example:

  • developing and verifying of manuals (Product Safety Act)
  • developing / verifying of CE documentations and declarations of conformity
  • markings on products and packages in accordance with the legal provisions
  • registrations and markings in accordance with the act of electronic waste

Through the cooperation with our company, are you always on the safe side and you can concentrate on your core business.


Quality is especially important for SIMAC Electronics whether the production is in Germany or at our partners in the far east. You can depend on us that you will get only high-quality products.

Express delivery

Normally, we produce and deliver our products within 3 to 7 days. Our 2000 m² warehouse guarantees a high availability of the standard components.

That way, it is possible that urgent orders which reaches us before 12 o'clock, can be sent at the same day.

Long-term cooperation

We aim with our customers for long-term cooperation and not rapid growth or money without compromises. Our company in general does not market products to the end customers. In service cases are we available for the consumer but they still can not purchase at our company.

I.o.T. & A.I.

For many years are we developing hardware and implementing projects in the area of "Internet of Things & Artificial Intelligence". This includes for example our successful products: the JoyCar, the StromPi series, robotics, sensors etc..

Through our engineers, are we capable to react to the current market at any time.

PC solutions

We manufacture PC systems for the ordinary end customer as well as devices for the application in the industry and in the military. Whether it is a simple internet PC, a workstation for the business sector with extended failover protection, a gaming PC or a multiple redundant server, we offer to every purpose the perfect PC.

Our industry-systems are completely cooled passively because if there is no fan mounted, it can not fail or cause disturbing sounds. Whether you need protection class IP 67 (watertight and submersible), devices which work at a temperature of - 40°C, which can be applied in vehicles as well as aerospace with vibration protection, which need a wide range DC or are with an integrated emergency power, we can present a portfolio which includes everything from simple systems with a single core up to high-end multi core CPUs.

Our product range includes inter alia:

CPU, CPU cooler, water cooling, mainboard, memory, graphic card, SSD, hard drive, optical drive, controller, card reader, PC housing, server housing, power supplies, monitors, USB sticks, SD cards, micro SD cards, single board-computers incl. accessory and much more.